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Coach • Creative • Community Leader


Radical Transformation.

This trending phrase has been traveling the world feverishly lining the lips of just about every life coach, business guru, spiritual maven, and motivational speaker with a platform - however big or small. But what does it really mean to be radically transformed? 

YaNi Davis knows. 7 years ago, an inexplicable bout with kidney failure debilitated the wildly talented and vibrant rhetorician and artist. Twelve-hour daily dialysis regimens, a nerve-racking wait for a kidney donor, and a full course load as a Masters of Divinity student nearly extinguished all hope for the young orator.

But something happened. Something radical. Something transformative. Her spirit trended. Her will to press forward buzzed. And a shift so profound, so reverent was activated and the sophic Rev. Iyana “YaNi” Davis seized recovery and was reborn. Today, in her sought-after role as an internationally recognized  Performance Artist and Creative Flow Strategist, she is helping a broad range of humans across the globe to not only tap into their innate greatness, which is what most coaches’ mantras chant, but to unleash their sacred creative savvy. 


With this unique proposition, YaNi has built a brand that is steeped in creativity,  community, compassion, and collaboration. Affectionately known as the PeacePastor, she is the mastermind behind the Peace People's Movement, which seeks to bring people together using hip-hop, healing, and wholeness as instruments of activation. YaNi has traveled the world as a teaching artist, motivational speaker, poet/musician and educator. As a performer, she has headlined for music powerhouses like Janelle Monae, PJ Morton, Jars of Clay, Bone Crusher, Jay Holiday, and Dwele, to name a few.

She is the founder of My SupaNatural Life (MSNL), a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing wholistic communal care for persons living with chronic conditions of the body and the mind. This mission is delivered via the arts, intentional community building, and evolutionary coaching and spiritual care that leads people to deeper places of peace and wholeness with the power of Nommo (the spoken word). 


On the horizon is her newest wave of inspiration made manifest, new music is on the way as well as a new book of poetry. Also, The SupaNatural Way, a guide and system aiming to redefine industry standards on providing mindful coaching and spiritual care. This offering is a result of hundreds of hours of dedicated coaching internationally and extensive research on the connection between the physical body, the emotional body, the spirit and the power of interpersonal and intrapersonal development. It is a system that empowers its participants to define specific milestones that help them stay focused and on track while remembering that radical transformation does not occur by chance, it must be planned and managed. As a member of a growing empire of creative spiritual entrepreneurs, YaNi understands the importance of using words wisely - “We want people to be listened to in a manner where they feel seen, heard and witnessed.”. 

She believes that all great teachers are on a never ending journey to learning. As such, her academic portfolio includes a Masters of Divinity from Claremont School of Theology, a Bachelors in English from Spelman College, a stream of spiritual and literary certifications from Columbia Business School, University of Southern California, The Peace and Justice Institute, The Christian Church Disciples of Christ and San Francisco School of Theology, to name a few. YaNi currently resides in Los Angeles, California, but continues to call Atlanta, GA and Queens, NY home.



Claremont School of Theology, M. Div

Spelman College, English Degree

San Francisco School of Theology, Spiritual Direction, (1 year)

Columbia Business School, GLEAN Network, Spiritual Entrepreneur Program

University of Southern California, Community Literature Initiative 

Hatchery, Spiritual Entrepreneur Certification 

Un*Silence Domestic Violence,, Certification and Current Facilitator 

Anti-Racism and Boundary Training, The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) 

The Compassion Practice, Certificate

National Benevolent Association, S.E.N.T program Alumn

The Center for Justice and Peacebuilding, STAR 1 Certification 

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